Lingam syndrome in Beijing 2008 Olympic

Posted On 09/08/2008

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It looks like China flag, sound like China Flag….

The boy didn’t hold the flag outside down,  it is the careless Beijing Olympic worker that give him the upside down flag. Some people speculate it is a cheapo (what else) made in China little flag that can slide from one side to another side.  So the little boy not realize  the flag has been slide from head to tail.

This is small thing. But by spending billions on the opening ceremony, it is ridiculous that a cheapo flag that embarrass the country given to little boy that know  nothing. Don’t tell me nobody know the flag defect.

Will the worker get shot for this?

source from <a href=””>Howsy blog</a>

大概所有工作人员都调去了做万人表演,姚明没注意到。不过白衣服的美眉要笑要跳,搞整个小时, 没有注意到也很正常。

我想装国旗的应该开始发恶梦吧。通常独裁国家, 枪毙的都是没权的工作人员。


One Response to “Lingam syndrome in Beijing 2008 Olympic”

  1. foongpc

    I didn’t notice until you point it out! Yes, maybe they should remove the flag digitally just like putting on a lip-synching young singer and digitally enhance the fireworks : )

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