Pematang Pauh, korek korek korek time;)

Posted On 13/08/2008

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Typical Malaysian love the blogger world, they work better than the government controlled main stream media on getting current and yesteryear facts.

And we all love google.

Before Permatang Pauh by election campaign start, the digging game are start.

Howsy just give <a href=””>his hint here</a>, so what you need to do is put the following keyword and google it

Arif Shah Omar Shah Amin Shah

Voila. 😉

Woot, a VERY CLOSE relative to the RM 6.75 Billions scandal taycoon that go bankrupt.

Malaysia mainstream media , whether NST, theStar, SinChew,Utusan, etc, know this. Most of the paper are running exteremely low profile on this.

I am not sure Wong Chung Wai did it on intent or what, because he say <a href=””&gt; Chinese speaking Amin Shah is BN man</a>, but in fact, the Pamatang Pauh candidate name are <strong>Arif Shah Omar Shah</strong>. Sneaky WCW 😉

If you think Olympic are boring,  Just keep your finger cross and watch Permatang Pauh.  🙂


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