It is the process that matter!

Not just the school, even the mainstream media keep reminding Malaysian to focus on the result, not the process.  And focusing on the process, and the goal for every civil society, AKA First world society.

In response to my previous blog : <a href=””>I don’t f*cking care total Olympic gold medals won by China </a>, Foongpc make this comment

foongpc :

I don’t think this is limited to China. Still, despite all these I think China did a great job at training their athletes so it’s not really wrong to learn from them – learn the good stuffs and throw away the bad of course!

“learn the good stuffs and throw away the bad of course!” , it sounds simple right? Think twice!

The core spirit of China “creating” athletes, are sheer brutality.  How do you “learn the good stuff” when the whole process are rotten?

Yes, China achieve their goals winning many gold medals, but how many people willing to care of the people fallen behind the scene?  People that are handicapped, falling sick because of excessive training,  dope abusing. And people that are dispatch and dispose because the training think they no longer fit, all in the name of national pride.

Now, don’t we familiar (oh wait, only people who care about human in the history)  with this? Nope, Malaysia  education refuse to tell you, a government can easily consume the people for evil course, with a “great goal”.  Hitler try to “unite” the Europe, not by the “slow negotiation process”, but using arm forces, that cause millions of people lose their life.

The human history keep telling us, the process are more important than the goal.  Furthermore, which one do you thing is more important goals?   Make the sport accessible and available to all the people for healthier living, or create few gold medalist?


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