Anwar won, but will THE government go back to work?

Now, that is one distraction went off the radar.

The mainstream media keep saying opposition “destabilise” the country, but in fact, it is the BN governmetn REFUSE to go back to work. Oh wait, for the pass 4 years…

In fact, the 308 GE are mean for Badawi to execute stuff that he fail to do in the pass.  Additional of phantom voters is not possible, because it will shoot EC own foot since they say registration of new voter will take years to process.  Since the opposition already has Permatang Pauh voters list in the March election, injecting new voters is a stupid idea, I don’t think EC and some “upper hand” will do it.

Bare in mind, there is a lots of tickling clock await Malaysia. WTO, AFTA,  depletion of Malaysia oil fuel, increase manufacturing cost,  brain drain,

In fact, another winner of the by election are none other than the Penang Chief minister, Lim Guan Eng(LGE).  It is some sort of approval. As main stream  media keep saying “non Malay” play key roles on Permatang Pauh by election, it is actually Malays that decide the majorities.  IMHO, arm-nor are testing the water of racial politics in Permatang Pauh, If typical Malay falls for the racist tactics play,  because of recent LGE open tender policies,  the majorities will shrink, otherwise, it is a sign of approval.

Some people say PR are lack of experience governing.  In fact, after 22 years of Mahathirism, even majorities of BN politician forget the real meaning of governing.   Actually, the fresh PR representative that gain state governing authority are progressing fast.  Although it will take some time for PR to get it right, since Malaysia proper governing syste are yet fully restore.


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