Permatang Pauh : BN get the priorities wrong

60 years ago, American invent the jargon  <a href=””>SNAFU</A>  : Situation Normal All Fucked Up!!  And they know thing went <a href=””>FUBAR </A> : Fucked Up Beyond All Repair/All Recognition.

It seems bn and umno are yet to settle aftershock of 308 GE.  Just look at Permatang Pauh, umno land tons of government machinery, just to counter  “coming back” Anwar Ibrahim.

It is unthinkable, as the Prime Minister himself, create the famous quote “1st World infrastructure, 3rd World mentality”, has put himself in the 3rd world mentality mud hole.   Although it is his DPM that “assist” the campaign in Permatang Pauh, it fail to shake off the image of the PM getting the priorities wrong.

By throwing his SIL and second man on Permatang Pauh, AAB just turn the small by election to another miniscule election.  It is rather funny, because BN ARE indeed the ruling parties, AAB as the head of BN, should not treat Permatang Pauh as another “must win” seat for BN, because of Anwar. AAB just forget, he has a country to run.  Oh wait…. we know what happen in the pass 4 years. sigh!


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