An LRT from Kota Damansara to Cheras? OMG!

This is Boleh!

After Badawi taking a free LRT ride, he suddenly enlightened to put a “brilliant” idea to “relief” congestion : Build YET ANOTHER LRT liner.

Oh, what system, we don’t know.  Because it is mean to connect Kota Damansara to Cheras, deadline? Year 2014. And let guess how much it will cost, because checking GoogleMap from point to point will give you heart attack.

This is not making sense. Because there is too many train going to Kuala Lumpur city, yet no mass transit liner are meeting the usage capcity. Beside off peak hour, the usage capacity just drop as low as 10%.

Kuala Lumpur LRT fucked up is not because there is not enough route, but it is because the whole thing never planned properly.  The country coffer to keep the losing LRT business alive , the 3 LRT liner : Putra,Commuter and Starlink are near  billions.  And this billions ringgit failed to boost the usage because the router bus services are fucker up. In addition, there is no proper audit to check the account.

We know Bolehland will become net oil importer around 2015.  So how are the country going to sustain 4 transit liner that failed to  maximise the usage capacity?

I see a load of gravy train on AAB LRT liner.



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