Budget 2009 : Malaysian, SNAFU for you

Posted On 29/08/2008

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1. Free electricity for people spend less than RM20.  Yeah, if you want to hand out, why not just hand this money to those poor people directly, through the Jabatan Kebajikan Malaysia!?

2. Kitchen ware tax reduction. We don’t buy it every month. This is for those rich Tai-Tai .

3. Travel allowance tax exemption? DAmn it, this de-factor allowance for high income people

4. RM 400 tax rebate for those earn less than RM35,000 per year. Cibai, the IRD has cheat millions of people in their counter every year by asking them NOT to declare.

5. Road tax for eco-diesel engine car.  This is late for 10 years, and only high income people afford eco-diesel engine car.

6. Interest subsidies for houses,car,etc. Cibai, only high income people, e.g. RM8000++ per month will have this default benefit

7. Mobile phone, telephone, internet bill pay by employer exempted from tax. Again, only limited to eligible group of employee.

more rant to come..

On the other hand

1. PDRM  operation expenses are RM4.8 Billions. Way MORE THAN EDUCATION. With 80,000 police workforce, the police operation cost are RM400 millions per year, or RM5,000 head.   Wooooowwwww. Now tell me why PDRM are still lazy and corrupted?  Where is the money spends? And antoher RM 600 millions for “development expenditure”. Wow.

And with RM209 Billions. And those money will gonna float into market and make the inflation worst.


One Response to “Budget 2009 : Malaysian, SNAFU for you”

  1. yuyu

    Our government people are too stupid!!!!!!!!!! I also got pissed with their brainless budget. The more I see anything made from those two cow head, the more I felt stupid to be a Malaysian.

    Spend 5.4 billion for the police is way ridiculous. Now, the rate of crime is high because the economy is not good and inflation is rising high. Of course the crime rate increase and protest start its way on the road. When economy is good, rate of crime would drop. That 5.4billion is better used to improve our country economy.

    Btw, I am Penangite. And the budget allocated for the public transport is highly biased. Only concentrate on KL. What about other part of Malaysia? I believe more budget should be allocated to build public train in developed town that comes with high population of people.

    They simply throw money on sector that is not making the rakyat’s life any better. Only benefit those people that are able to bring out a sum of money. Like houses and cars.

    Federal government is not wise at their pace at all. How should we people respect the government and not vote against them?!!!!! The coming election, I am sure will get myself to register to vote against them. I see no hope with BN leading us.


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