My broken English better than THO University English ;)


Perhaps Tun Hessein Onn University administration should polish their English before publish the ads.  The <a href=””>apple polishing  advertorial  </a> are spotted by a Malaysiakini reader.

Malaysiakini notice NSTP publish  <a href=””&gt; an interesting apology note </a>

The advertorial contained gross factual and grammatical errors. The New Straits Times Press (M) Berhad, as publisher and printer, hereby expresses deep regret for inadvertently printing the advertorial, which was unfit to be published. The advertorial was produced by University Tun Hussein Onn to announce the honorary degree award to ……..



1. Now uncle Lim Kit Siang <a href=””>publish the whole ads inside his blog </a> 🙂

2.  The whole ads sounds like a Malay apple polishing writing

3. Uncle Lim Kit Siang should include NST apologies in his blog.


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