MARA, Ahmad Ismail,BTN vs Malaysia present problem

Bolehland has a different formula when come to governing. After 51 years of independent, near 45 years of Malaysia federation formed, the ruling parties still in the 1957/1963 nationalism/regionalism/neo-racism mentality.

We see government body such as BTN (Biro Tata Negara) play <a href=””>distort history and definte their own story to promote disarray</a>. We See Ahamad Ismail pour out the non-philosophy “non-Malay are squatters” statement.  We see MARA so called “universities student” protest on the call to “give” 10% quota for non-Malay.

Alas, when so many Malaysia body that play up this yesteryear issue, the world are not waiting us in year 2008.

Few people know that, Malaysia are member of <a href=””>WTO</a&gt; since 1st January 1995.  There is some obligation that Malaysia MUST follow to avoid being sideline by the world community.  That mean,  Malaysia already enter the global village, there is not do or die scenario!

I am surprise that many Malaysia distract by the racism act of the MARA, Ahmad Ismail,BTN,etc . Few people point out the racism are outdated and show Malaysia roles and responsibilities in the global village game.

Besides WTO, Malaysia also enter many treaties with various world bodies.  And there is lots of problem waiting ahead of us.

  • Year 2015, Malaysia will become into oil import country
  • Year 2010 is the final deadline for Malaysia to follow the <a href=””>AFTA </a> ruling to abolish tax tariff between signer country.
  • Indonesia Sumatra burning problem
  • The threat of widespread disease due to gloablisation
  • Intellectually properties issues
  • Restructuing of Malayia manufacturing paradigm from labor intensive work to technology
  • Medical pattern that lead to expensive drugs that cause various social issues
  • Shortage of drinking water
  • various locality governing problem
  • etc

Do you think racism can solved all this problem?


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