I think 916 is just a teaser ;)

I think the whole 916 “deadline” are more like a teaser.  It is unthinkable that froggie from East Malaysia BN will jump over Pakatan Rakyat.  It is not because those people possess “virtue”, but the opposite.

Come on people, it take 6 months for nearly annihilate Gerakan to “harden a bit”, and those few seat are still means plentiful of resources that stop Gerakan play the “show hand” part.  For East Malaysia BN, there is place to bargain, but definitely not “show hand”, as there is grave uncertainty that might break their gravy trains.

In fact, the ruling parties has all the say on the country resources, perhaps AAB camp know something that Bolehland people don’t know.

Why AAB send 49 MP to Taiwan? To learn how KMT Ma Ying Jiu “regain the Parliament and president seat”?  Well, some say it is fricking “agriculture learning trips”, and I don’t recall any of the MP are master in agriculture.

here come
<i>Unshameful snapped picture from <a href=”http://mob1900.blogspot.com/2008/09/916-make-history-now.html”>Mobcrib site </a></i>


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