The Malay racist are laughable in the eye of other culture

Posted On 11/09/2008

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The racial instigation continue. In fact, most non Malay don’t give it a damn even it continue. Beside many cautions about <a href=””>1987 operation lalang</>, opposition are not going to falls in the same trap, twice.

In fact, as the 2nd ethnic group in Bolehland, Chinese culture does has a philosophy that point out the silliness of people like Ismail.

<a href=””>Zhuang Zi (370 to 301 BCE)</A> has write this in his philosophy book Zhuang Zi :

South of Chu, a great call MingLing live there. To MingLing 500 years are spring, and next 500 years are autum.   In the ancient era, there live a huge tree call Chun,  every 8000 years is spring, while next 8000 years are autumn to the tree.

Man always use PengJu(800 years old)  as example of long living,  isn’t it pathetic.

Just imagine this, such philosophy already passing down for 2000+ years.  1000+ years before <a href=” “>Max Planck  </a> coined the theory of relativity.

Now, many joker in UMNO keep emphasize on the Article 153, and selectively talk about the region history , don’t you think they are pathethic?  Furthermore, few UMNO member ancestor live in this land for 600 years. I doubt more than 1000 UMNO member are able to produce a family tree “I am more deserve than you”.

Perhaps we should elect an Orang Asli as Bolehland Tribe leader Prime Minister 😉


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