Books to bring into ISA camp

Posted On 15/09/2008

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You don’t expect those arrest you using ISA will let you google the books.  Books, is something good to keep one  sanity and hope on humanity.

I have a poor selection taste of book.  So if I am so “lucky” to be ISAed, I will bring

  1. <a href=””>Zhuang Zi </a>《庄子》.  To dream about butterfly 🙂
  2. <a href=””>Han Feizi </a> 《韩非子》 (蠹 dù ) . The earliest books that touch governing systematically.
  3. <a href=””>Friedrich_Nietzsche</a&gt; books.
  4. <a href=””>The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch </a>.
  5. <a href=””>Bilble</A&gt;. After 12th months of detention perhaps.


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