Cow’s Milk is for Baby Calves

Perhaps year 2008 <a href=””>darwin awards</a> should go to mother in China that feed their baby with milk powder.

If we look into the history, we will found it is repeating itself, with some changes of the substances. It is about the invention of <a href=””>Condensed Milk</A>

While returning from a trip to England in 1851, Borden was devastated by the death of several children, apparently due to poor milk from shipboard cows. With less than a year of schooling and following in a wake of failures both of his own and others, Borden was inspired by the vacuum pan he had seen used by Shakers to condense fruit juice and was at last able to reduce milk without scorching or curdling it.

Now isn’t it ironic. The mother nature has give the mother the perfect milk container, that need little sterilization, yet, they use cow milk feed their baby. When the milk turn stale, well…..

And “modern” mainland China mother never learn.  In year 2002, some heavily advertised milk powder brand has found to be inadequate for infant.  Year 2004, there is a “big head diseased baby”  year for China.  Since symptoms take time to build, year 2008 are yet another cow milk year : <a href=””&gt; the melamine milk scandal</a>.

It is funny that under the  “old communist China” society, the mother are fed the infant with breast milk. Though it is due to insufficient food fed to cow to enable a cow milk industries.  With exceptional of the feminine, infant death rate are pretty low.  Mao “more people will get things done” campaign will not successful if the communist China cow milk fed the children.  To produce 1 liter of cow milk, it need at least 1 KG of feeds and 4 liters of water.   The <a href=””>great Chinese famine </A>  take more than 15 millions lives.  If China promote cow milk feeding policy , perhaps <a href=””>one child policy </a> are not needed, because humongous number of people will dies of famines.






3 Responses to “Cow’s Milk is for Baby Calves”

  1. 小莊

    To produce 1 liter of cow milk, it need at least 1 KG of feeds and 4 liters of water.


    这次的事件虽严重, 但没多就就会被遗忘,厂家继续黑心作业,大家继续吃有毒的东西。。。。

  2. moo

    现在我看到 Made in China 的食物就掉头走。

  3. 小庄

    问题是许多非中国出口的食物用的是中国来的原料我们都不知道, 比如说三合一咖啡里头的奶粉, 防不胜防耶….

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