Did the Ampang Hindu temple seek municipal approval before they demolish the temple?

I am not going to talk about Samy Velu jumping the gun , because many people has point out the fact and show his silliness.

However, there is one serious problem issue than Samy Velu jump gun : did the Hindu temple get Ampang Municipal approval before they demolish the temple for “facelift”.

Perhaps Pakatan Rakyat state government should remind all those contracted Ampang municipal councils(MPAJ) worker about their job. Because this is not about minor renovation that you can get an exception approval. According to law, you need to get municipal councils approval before demolish or rebuild a building. The law are not mean to block individual or organisation from doing renovation on their property, but mean to make sure the property owner COMPLY WITH THE SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT STANDARD. For example, demolish a building will create a lots of debris that pollute the surrounding, so it is no longer the “my own business”. And if the building are not safe, it will cause danger to the neighborhood.

Kudos to Ampang MP, Zuraida Kamaruddin. The MP did not interfere with the MPAJ affair but wait for the investigation report.


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