Social responsibilities and mathematics : Bolehland Cabinet has Nil

There is no exception now, because Zaid Ibrahim are not part of AAB cabinet now.

Make 6,000 villagers homeless or save RM120 millions ringgit?

The people in <strong>Kampung Sungai terentang </strong> now are grateful that Selangor are under Pakatan Rakyat government. Otherwise, they will be homeless now, to make way for the “good of National development”, a GLC company such as Tenaga Nasional Berhad(TNB).

Shahziman Mansor claim Pakatan Rakyat government trying to gain political ground by rejecting TNB idea of making 6000 villages leave their home they have staying for decades.

The news publish inside NST, owned by umno. The tone are familiar. It is exact tone like minister under Mahathir administration, which their unplanned “development” are above everything,  social and culture must give way for the sick of “development “.

So you see, the substance of AAB  government actually little different compare to MM administration.  Because the current PM AAB, doesn’t possess a direct control of all GLC sector, thus minimise his influence over it as compare to Mahathir administration. (According to some conservative estimation, MM administration burn more than US$50 Billions(2008 value) over various commodity speculation)

Inside the news, Shahziman Mansor say nothing about social responsibilities over the 6,000 villagers. Worst, according to the original plan, TNB only budget RM12.2 millions for the project, and he mentioned NOTHING about the compensation (besides other factor because some villager stay there for generation).

As we know all Bolehland project always neglect the compensation and social responsibilities, I am not surprised that TNB try to cover up the cost of compensation and pass the buck of compensation to local government with political influential.

Luckily the new Selangor know the trick(too well) and reject it.

With a simple calculation, if 6,000 villagers compensate for RM10,000, it is a whopping RM 60 millions.  So it is a total bullshit for Shahziman Mansor to say the project only cost RM12.2 millions.

Again, luckily, Selangor government are not under Tempeh Toyol anymore.  Should BN still rule Selangor ,  I am not surprise that Selangor will end up forking out more than RM60 millions to help TNB.

By passing the buck, Selangor government need to compensate the land as well, and it is NOT CHEAP.  If each piece of land cost RM10,000, then the cost of compensation will jump up to RM120 millions,  the EXACT price tag that Shahziman Mansor say TNB will “waste for relocation of the infrastructure”.

Shahziman Mansor, stop using your poor math and propaganda media to spread lies! Perhaps good Muslim that close to Shahziman Mansor should remind him that Puasa month are not yet over. Zakat are not mean to compensate the sin of lies and neglect your responsibilities !


Source :Doc Mave :

6,000 homeless for TNB cost saving


One Response to “Social responsibilities and mathematics : Bolehland Cabinet has Nil”

  1. kchan

    while it is very common for communist country to relocate their peoples by order only (e.g. china’s san xia and beijing stadium project). this is just not applicable to our country


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