Cannibals story (6) : Why they target Teresa Kok?

Is it progress if cannibal learn to use fork and knife? Well, this is 6th thesis.  This is the first thesis about Cannibal without guts.  And all happens in <a href=””>Ramadhan month</A>.

In Malaysia history, this is the only time that Malaysia government detain 2 female professional, using the draconian ISA (bare in mind, ISA is NOT law), with absurd reasons that fail to stand ground.

If you think ISA is bad, then you haven’t how low the political control, UMNO own media can go.  Utusan Melaysia reporter, during Teresa Kok release press conference,  <strong>ask whether she was prepared to take lie detecter test on the accusation against her about intimidation of involve mosque authority</a> .

KTemoc , in his <a href=””>Teresa Kok – Whose bête noire?</a> ( wikipedia : The term bête noire (IPA: /ˌbeɪtˈnwɑr/ or [bɛt nwaʀ]; French for dark beast) is used to refer to an object or abstract idea that causes fear or has the potential to cause large harm.) wrote

It reported that Zakariah Isa, the Deputy Mufti of the Federal Territory criticised Teresa for lacking manners in wearing just a skirt while attending the breaking fast get-together with the imam and the members of the Masjid Nurrusaadah committee at Cheras Baru.

However, Zakaria Isa tap danced around a bit by also stating: “Mungkin juga Teresa baru balik dari majlis lain dan singgah sebentar ke masjid itu untuk memenuhi jemputan berbuka”.*

Improper dess code?  I don’t recall Teresa Kok wearing miniskirt, otherwise Malaysia media will make it a big matters since no Malaysia female Parliament member ever did it.  Nevertheless, with <strong>not so common </strong>common sense, Zakariah Isa are indirectly making serious allegation of misconduct towards Imam and members of Masjid Nurrusaadah committee at Cheras Baru.  Again, Zakariah Isa <strong>DARE NOT</strong> to pass the message to Masjid Nurrusaadah, but sling it towards Teresa Kok. Yet another gutless attack from political link “civil servant” towards a female MP.

And not to forget, recently,  Teresa Kok family house attacked by Molotov-Cocktail by two hooligans around 3am in the morning, the hooligans run aways in the bike after attack.  A threatening notes are found and you can guess the contents.  Again, another no balls movement in act.

It is funny that, in Malaysia history, it is new precedent that Malay politikus and their subordinate stir direct attack towards professional female.  From what culture did this people learn this from?   <a href=””>Jawa Island</a>?


3 Responses to “Cannibals story (6) : Why they target Teresa Kok?”

  1. Maverick SM

    It is customary that when you enter a mosque a woman has to be fully covered. If a woman knows she is going to a mosque she should accept the courtesy and behavior required as a mark of respect to the religion.

    One thing Teresa could have done was before entering the compound she should seek consent if she is not fully covered. If the Muslims object then she would not be accused for not taking part in the event.

  2. moo

    Teresa Kok information assistant just issue clarification about the issue.

    IMHO, if the Imam accept Teresa Kok to enter the compound, then it will be challenge of mosque compound dress code definition.

  3. David Santos

    Justice for NURIN JAZIMIN

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