Melamine checklist : Instant noodle next?

Posted On 10/10/2008

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Why instant noodle?

Many people didn’t realise instant noodle are made from wheat flour that contain protein.

Here come the fun part. High quality flour are more expensive than low quality flour. And this is the fun part


Question  : What is the difference between high-grade flour and standard flour?

Answer : Standard-grade flour makes weaker dough and suitable for cakes and biscuits (contains approx. 10% protein); high-grade flour makes stronger dough and suitable for bread and general baking (contains approx 11% protein).

Let’s stick to Beehon.


3 Responses to “Melamine checklist : Instant noodle next?”

  1. Yozoranitesky

    Oh gosh.. what is there left which is safe to eat :(. Thank you for sharing.

  2. 小庄

    高筋面粉如果不是真的高筋就无法做出那口感来, 应该没办法加三氨而混得过去的吧….

  3. moo

    小庄应该不知道中国无良商人的造假程度, 已经让台湾出版了一本400 页的《中国黑心食物大全》。

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