Modern history of contaminate/fake food

Posted On 12/10/2008

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Fake and contaminate food are nothing new in human history. In weak governance era,  those food are found around the world in all industrial country.

Nevertheless, China are the modern time country that produce the most fake contaminate food.  Chinese wikiepdia has a full list of <a href=”″>modern day food contamination list 黑心食品 </a>( AKA blacken heart food list ).

Bare in mind that,  Malaysia also has record of producing food, e.g. vegetables with excessive pesticide remains.  Now, the CAP Paper will laugh all the way since many people always treat the paper as “talk too much and you can eat nothing”.

English wikipedia are yet to followup on the translation. At the moment, you can read <a href=””>Food contaminants</a> .


One Response to “Modern history of contaminate/fake food”

  1. foongpcf

    I subscribe to CAP papers and I don’t doubt what is printed there. I think the food are not safe nowadays, since those selling food are profit oriented.

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