Quick recipe for running nose

Posted On 17/10/2008

Filed under Real Food

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(Picture snipped from Wikimedia, wikipedia Carrot)

Unless you are one of those 3%-5% people that allergy to carrot , otherwise, this should work to lesson the symptoms of cold, especially running rose.

One piece of carrot, take 3 pieces if you use baby carrot.  Less if you can’t finish them. Cut them to slices

1 tea spoon of honey


Pour some water into the food blender, turn on the power, put in the carrot and blend it.  You can blend the carrot with 3-4 pieces of ice together.  Make sure blending is done in 25 seconds . Pour everything out, mix with honey.  Don’t filter the juice and DO NOT add milk.


Consume the juice and pulps after you pour the stuff from the blender. The drink are quite foamy.

It works for me by lessen the symptoms of running nose, reduce the lung inflammation and good for bowel. The pulps and honey does the tricks.

The pharmacy will hate me for this. 🙂

p/s: Carrot milk does not give the same effect. Follow the ingredient.


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