Bolehland minister interpret law and constitution at will

Signboard and street board printer with Malay language together with other language are unconstitutional.

This is what smart-aleck Malaysia politickus ruling parties parliament member and its minister trying to tell the people.

You can see report from <a href=”″>Malaysiakini </A>.

This is nothing new to Bolehland, where municipal councils can simply interpret law and constitution to execute corrupted power mongering practice at will. If anyone bring those issues to court,  unless it is run by kangaroo court judege, then you will not be surprise to see many case of abuse will collapse, like how the infamous umno being declare illegal.

Like many place in Malaysia, Penang multilingual signboard are nothing new. The Penang state government just put additional language, beside the original Malay street name. Again, Umno and its propaganda paper purposely boil up issues. While many blogger spots umno hypocrite practice over Jawi signboard in KL


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