Financial crisis : some resilient industry out there

Posted On 15/11/2008

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Besides the Malaysia graft and corruption “industry”,  the country has many other industry are resiliient to the global cash flow shrinkage effect.   Banking are definitely not one of those.

Ironically, the “lower weight” , “not so profitable”  consumer related industries are the most resilient industry for any economy downturn.

  1. Government sector.
    I think nobody surprise about this.  In Bolehland, despite the over size government department and various “privatisation” practice, Bolehland government are few country that having the highest civil servant per capita.  Did you ever heard of Bolehland government retrench incompetent staff?
  2. Information Technology.  50-50.   The industry doesn’t depends on huge amount of “material”, but knowledge.  However, there is many trap doing IT business in Malaysia.
    In Bolehland,  IT company that have little “contact” will suffer. Those unable to do find a niche also suffer. It is well known that in Malaysia, customer always holding final payment for  “final delivery confirmation”. Those entrepreneur that stupid enough to let company slash their price, will get kill by the cheap price they quote, which in turn,  plunge into cash flow problem and close shop.
  3. Farmer,fisherman,livestock industry.
    Well, people the become poorer still need to eat 😉
  4. Rubber industry.
    Good time bad time, you need lots of rubber 😉
  5. Insurance.
    I am not talking about insurer that involve in speculation market.  The usual brick and mortar insurance market will keep up and running.  Insurer financial tools business such as trust fund will suffer, but not their core business.  For general insurance, they might be slight slow down.
  6. Telco

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  1. andrea

    Watch this insightful video to gain a better understanding of our current economic situation.

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