Pakatan Rakyat better fix the municipal council mess ASAP!

My friend getting a RM100 parking fine for not paying the RM0.60,  in Selangor state that are now under Pakatan Rakyat supervision.

The problem is not about the fine, but the amount and logistic behind the parking ticket fine left over by Mr Tempeh system.

First, the fine are ridiculous high, RM100, which are 60 times of the 1 hour parking fee (In PJ, city council parking are RM0.60 per hour), or 16.67 times more than 1 day parking(that cap to RM6.00 per day ).

Second, in order to “encourage” people to pay, the municipal councils has an “appeal” system, that require you to spend 20 minutes to fill up some form, and reduce the RM100 parking fine to RM10.

As you can see here, the problem are not just about “free loader” parking fine.   In order to sustain the ex-Barisan Nasional smart-aleck system, the municipal councils bloated up the procedure, implement step that WASTING TAX PAYER time and money.

The whole issue is about setting the wrong priorities, and forget what is the goal.  The reason of having a parking fine is to encourage people to pay the parking ticket, generate some income for the local councils.   In conjunction, make people WILLINGLY pay the parking fine, thus increase the municipal income.

If the parking fine are 2 times of the daily cap(e.g. RM12) , people are more than happy to pay.  Cut down the file keeping and excessive wastage on legal letter that rarely served its purpose.

In addition, cutting down the whole “appeal” process help cut down personnel on handlign that particular session.

Some may take note that the municipal parking  “inspector” are using a gagdet that cost no less than RM15,000 (yupe, with lots of mark up since this is Bolehland)  and very expensive to maintain.

In short,  just look at the local councils parking handling, you will learn that the “inherited” municipal councils are actually massively bloated by Barisan Nasional government.

Perhaps the no.1 priorities of Pakatan rakyat are streamline the municipal councils, before they enable the local municipal council election.


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