Books : Something that sooner you know it, the better

Posted On 23/11/2008

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No, management book are not for executive or managers.  A good good are universal, it means for all people. A MBA will take hard time to learn the hard lesson, but you can learn those stuff ahead of all MBA people by reading these book.

<a href=”>The Goal </a>, author Eliyahu M. Goldratt

<a href=””&gt; Rich Dad, poor Dad</A>, author Robert Kiyosaki, Sharon Lechter

The first book will lead you to learn how to find purpose of your work. How to achieve the goal by learning to develop the process.

The second book, tell you the truth about your job,  who you are actually work for.

Nevertheless, many people misread many “investment” book, that lead them to speculate in subprime loan.

p/s: It took me lots of hard money to learn them, if I found the book earlier, I might flood the blogsphere with more interesting post 😉


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