Global financial Crisis, dawn of the 3rd wave : Organicly Rich people save the day

Posted On 27/11/2008

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Some say, nothing new is under the hot sun.  When you saw those “news” in media, it means trends and idea has brew for quite some time.  Yes, things never happens overnight, successful and sustainable organisation/business that years to pave the road.

So what is Organicly rich ?

This is a group of people that create wealth as descibe in Alvin Toffler 1980 book : The Third Wave

For 2 decade after The Third wave published, many people people still lock in 2nd Wave. The Wall street collapse give a pretty good of it : If people want to get rich, they should stop speculating and work in their usual routine, but to create sustainable fortune themselves.

The writer of “Rich Dad,Poor dad” has say it out loud, Poor Dad advise, “Study hard so you can find a good company to work for”; Rich dad say, “Study hard so you can find a good company to buy.” It also translate to, if you find a (legal)good idea, you should plan to build it.

Yes, it is all about the Knowledge economy(K-economy). Alas, many people has wrongly take it as a job of government to promote K-economy. Because many country government (especially 3rd world country), still stuck in the 2nd wave-industrialisation economy mindset. Bare in mind that, the Wall street collapse, which product lots of speculative product, has NOTHING to do with 3rd Wave.

K-economy is ideas and freedom from the industrialization. It doesn’t limit to Information Technology (IT). Although using example of IT world is much easy to show it. This people help create wealth for other people.

  • Bill Gates, Microsoft
    Microsoft PC revolution create the computing booms that help millions of software company spun from it.  Microsoft earns many billions a year. In conjunction, its product help millions of company earn many more billions.
  • Linux Torvalds, Linux operating system
    Today, nobody laugh at the idea of open source, nor with a “free” operating system.  The Linux operating system has inject a huge momentum that enable millions of people join the “lower entree price ” for IT entrepreneur.  People no longer need to get works for decades , gather huge funds to start business.
    Again, the Linux effect also help create billions dollar of business.  The Linux entrepreneur are so huge, If every Linux related entrepreneur donate US$10 by each employable number to Linux Torvalds, he will become billionaire in no time.
  • Robert Kiyosaki, Sharon Lechter : “Rich dad, poor dad”
    Many question is raise : Who are you actually work for? Why people stuck in the financial slump when they lost a job.
  • Warren Buffet
    What he did is simple : use your brain, don’t speculate. Common sense doesn’t come common.
  • etc

Bare in mind that, even in Malaysia, there is a group of <strong>organicly-rich</strong> people that use their spare time to growth other people wealth.  Like people mentioned above, they don’t need special cronies relation to build their empire, unlike the Industrialization method that play along with “upper floor” people.

Organicly-rich people are influence people, though they normally don’t exercise it toward regulation body.  However, unlike Industrialization people, that believe in “collective-wealth”, tycoon-nisation.  Their business rarely affected by economy down turn.  They pay little tax but spend tons of money that saved into charity, human resource grooming.  They prefer to put money they earn to create a bigger pies that enable more rich people, to secure their empire.

In short, organicly-rich people enjoy the successfullness to enable a society with more “smart rich people”  than the industrialisation age worker class.

So how will the organictly-rich people “help” the economy? They already did, silently.  As describe in The 3rd Wave, sooner or later, people will learn that, the banking industrial are indeed curbing the economy growth than helping it.  In fact, Banks are suppose to be a business tools , not “wealth collection center”.  When a tools become the master itself, it will curb the growth of business and society.   Today, the so call “servants”(banks), runs into our everyday life. In Malaysia, it is believe that 15-20% of middle class income are going into the bank. While another 10% go into government coffer.

It is a jokes when EPF announce 3% cut on the employee contribution. Because it NEVER helps. Because the bank industrial still get a high 15%-20% cut from employee. In fact, if BNM cut BLR rate to 2%,  cap the credit card interest to 1% per month(cap 12% per annum), it will stimulate the economy than EPF pathetic move.

On the other hand, organicly-rich people are neutral, they are actually seeking for a system that help them to create more wealthy people (call it a strange enjoyment, but believe me, it is true).   If those in governing(whether Pakatan Rakyat or BN)  really interest in reengineer the country economy, they should seek out advise from this people, than those listed company director.

The government must that to think like, act like an organicly rich entities. Otherwise, it is just matter of time organicly-rich people step in and flush them out from the system, with the help of poor and middle-class.
<strong>Now how do you find this organicly-rich people? </strong>
Believe it or not,  they are everywhere.   For example, the “poor” Penang government should learn and find out who are these people and seek advise from them, to create an “organicly-rich” Penang state.  It is not difficult to find this people,  because they love to recruit people to “work with them” than “work for them”. Hint given, if you can’t get what I mean and want to learn become one of these people, just gmail me. 😉


4 Responses to “Global financial Crisis, dawn of the 3rd wave : Organicly Rich people save the day”

  1. Jefus

    Banks are self serving corporate entities whose interests are to make money and more money. Remember the umbrella statement by Mark Twain. Capital preservation is paramount. The failures of the Five Giant banks tell a tale of how far they have walked away from this tenet.

    Case in point Gordon Browne’s stand.. Banks on both sides of the Atlantic are averse in lending out liquidity in turbulent times such as now.

    In Malaysia,…. and I quote you,
    they don’t need special cronies relation to build their empire, unlike the Industrialization method that play along with “upper floor” people…..

    The culture at home does not encourage spectacular / stellar entrepreneurial skills. Now, I am not going to chant the crony, corruption, creed mantra,… we all know that.

    I am of the opinion that ( to apply farming allegory ), you cannot expect carrots when you planted grass and do not nurture it well. The failure is two fold, one, able people were dispatched to the south, ( that island in the sun,..) and what is left is not nurtured if their political stripes are different.

    I remember having a discussion whether to use O/S Windows 9X or so or to go to Linux with an old friend. Decades ago. Both have traveled far. Linux was incompatible with many softwares then. The argument still remains today, MS has created a niche and is defending it with means leagal and illegal. My point is, Bill saw his opportunity even as an undergraduate and focused on cashing it. And cash it he did. We know and admire Linux for his generosity. We can debate who did the right thing but the reality is, MS has the lion’s share today.

    Coming back to the body of your post, we should on a larger scale, form a la Temasek and find able fund managers to run it to reinvent the EPF idea. Lets face it, if a Malaysian hopes to retire with his EPF savings, he is on shifting sand. Inflation, the declining purchasing power of the RM will be his scourge.

    Two options are available to him. One, take a hands on approach and manage his funds actively. Two, withdraw the maximum of his funds and park it with someone who know what he is doing. He’d need to understand his needs in investment and he’d need time, lots of it.

    Whether be it BN or PR, the individual citizen must be able to live. ( Read, not create strife with issues of food, safety, services and others. ). If these basic needs are not met, a government with a tainted agenda cannot rise above and sow / reengineer, hope.

  2. ylchong

    hey moot-dy! “long” time/dime no hear, no C, how art Thee and honey-money?

    Off topic, pls keep a DATE with follow Bloggies and B2Bs on Dec 5, 8-10pm, see my Post todie for d’TAILS!

    vellaMUM to intro thyself — i need some chinoserie vvicedom in such intertesting times/diems!:(

  3. moo

    IMHO, I think we talk about different stuff. 😉
    As mentioned, from day 1, Banks are suppose to be tools, “servants” to the economy, instead of “mastermind” of the economy.

    BTW, servants and master idea are still lock in the old 2nd wave. IMHO, Bills Gates vs Linus are mostly philosophy. It shouldn’t prevent the us from looking at the big picture, both person create a platform that enable many people get rich from there. Unlike industrialisation age, their platform are quite cheap, and Linus create Linux make the platform slash the cost to bottom. They “spawn” many times more entrepreneur than the industrialisation economy.

    Having a bad cold, the virus are happy to travel and spread around, as responsibilities blogger, I will keep the cold virus to myself. 😉

  4. Jefus

    Hi, Moo-T

    No probs, what I was getting at was the ground does not encourage the spawning.

    TDM once tried to fast track some UMNO cronies and we all know what happened.

    The ground must be there to enable carrots to grow.

    Mentoring was another method of getting there. U can find me one? 😉

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