What are Bank Negara waiting for?

Posted On 03/12/2008

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USA tactically announce the recession start 1 year before.

But at home, the bank regulator,  Bank Negara Malaysia show no sign of more rate cutting.

It is open secret that various Malaysia department are running autopilot- anachy since Mahathirism era.  Various department information failed to feed to each other to create a big picture.    Apparently, the Mistry of Trade(MITI) are clueless to alarm Bank Negara how bad the business is.

Alas, perhaps Bank Negara need to rely on ROC (Registrar of Company) to warn them , more and more company failed to produce accounts report on time? Or perhaps  Inland Revenue Department need to notify them more and more company director produce a red balance sheet than white balance sheet?

Or perhaps Bank Negara need to wait for CHIMP bank instruction ?


One Response to “What are Bank Negara waiting for?”

  1. Jefus


    If you read Star and Bernama there is no problem to solve.

    And she’s in the same boat as you.
    “I believe that crisis may happen from time to time in different parts of the world, but when there is a detection that the crisis is imminent, it is very critical to take early action, because if early action is not taken then what happens is the crisis has to run its full course,” Zeti said. In Malaysia’s experience, early intervention reduced the costs of a crisis, she added.
    link here

    Because, you see, in the eyes of the gomen, ( yes we can argue that people on the ground are already in pain ) there is no problem. The numbers do not indicate a crisis is brewing.

    That is what you get when everybody start to goreng, u actually dunno who is cooking what. 🙂

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