Ground Zero or party ground?

Posted On 09/12/2008

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1. There is story broke out about the ground zero : <a href=””&gt; Rescuers drank, valuables missing, victim left unrescued</a> .

Even due to the kharma, the victim don’t deserve to have “inexperience rescuer” turn it into party ground in front of them. Now, who the hell is giving the idea sending incompetent rescuer to the ground zero? If Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar say those rescuer “lack of training”, then who the hell let them enter ground zero? Since untrain rescuer are burden than helping hand.

2. The resident will sue
This is some what interesting. Because there is tons of “interesting parties”, yes, I mean interesting parties, not interested parties.   There is municipal councils, state government,  ex-MB, current MB, Federal government – housing ministry, land offices, irrigation department,etc.

You will find that Pakatan Rakyat fail to flush out MPAJ (and also many municipal councils ) stuff that contract under the Federal governement with the conscent of previous state government.   Because PutraJaya cannot create too many jobs to filled up various department, so all those “unemployable graduate” that seeking umno help, end up “relocate” to various state municipal councils to fill up the space.

It can easily trigger a political storm that uproot thousands of municipal councils worker appointed by PutraJaya.

I can’t wait to see the show. 🙂


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