Kharma of landside

Kharma does not side with good or evil.  Kharma is just an on going events that will affect people. The final outcome of the Kharma , is depends  how people act on it.

Kharma is about how you act and DECIDE your fate, instead of letting fate to rule one life.

If anyone still recall how Bukit Merah people fight to close down the rare earth factory from further poinsoning their families, the fight, is an act from the people that change their own fate, as well as their future generation.

On the other hand.

There is sign of landslide appear AROUND Bukit antarabangsa.  However, this <a href=””>”RICH&#8221; people </A> (as how shadowfox call them) , are just too ignorant  because their money come easy, so they take little care about their surrounding.  Worst, they hope things will NEVER change,  everything in status quo forever.

Indeed, eventhough this people know their home are build on the unstabil ground,  they can choose to change it in positive way, e.g. enable committee to monitor the dangerous slope, install more facilities to divert water from the high ground to lessen the gravity effect of the slope during ranning season,etc.  It seems when some people become rich by the easy way, they always though themselve to be invincible.

Unfortunately, as in the landslide incident, because the Indonesian maid “tag” alone with that family, her fate are tied to the kharma of the surrounding resident.

Now,  let look at all sort of “Kharma” around us, what have you found?


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