Eating styrofoam

Posted On 12/12/2008

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Think twice before you consume food directly from the styrofoam container you pack from the stall.

I learn it the hard way.

One day, after finish the Char-Kuay-Teow that I pack from the store,  I notice something peculiar at on the styrofoam container.  You see, a good Char-Kuay-Teow always fried with plenties of oil (although not too much that soak the kuay teow) .  I spot trails of oil on the styrofoam. Take a close look, I notice the oil are collecting on the “scratch mark” come from my chopstick.

When the food are near the bottom of the container, it is inevitable for the chopstick/spoon/fork from touching the container. However, since this is styrofoam,  any light pressure from the chopstick/spoon/fork can scratch it easily.   And guess what happens to those styrofoam that have been scracth out from the styrofoam container  wall enter?


So here is the hard lesson

1.  styrofoam container are never mean for Malaysian hawker food that consume directly.

2. Take the food from the styrofoam container and put it into solid container, e.g. a bowl/plate.

3.  if possible, tell this to your friend/relative. Advise the hawker stop using styrofoam container. Because if we stop consume food directly from styrofoam container, it defeat the purpose of “conveniences”.


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