The mind game

Posted On 12/12/2008

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real life story reveal by my friend.

A young man work very hard and struggle to become successful businessman.  He copy every step that he observed/read from the people, books,etc.  But he still lack behind.

Finally, he get frustrated, ask a friend success in the field, “I work so hard, but why I can’t be successfully like people above me ”

His friend say, “You are not there because you never be like them”.

The man plan and build a system that allow him to build an empire. He surpass his millionaire mark in the first year, and the rest is history.


Oh , wait , doesn’t this sound like everyday story?

But here is the missing part :

“Products don’t make a better business, a good system does.  Anyone can make a better hamburger than McDonalds, but few can turn that into a better business.” ~~~ Robert Kiyosaki


While for NEP thingy, many NEP “entrepreneur” only <strong>acting</strong> like a successful business man, but they never think AS a successful businessman.

From there, one can clearly see see why Mahathir Malay dilemma is nothing but rubbish.  NEP is NEVER plan to make general Malay “think like a rich man”, but it only help Malay cronies to “Acting like a rich man”.


Another example. Although AAB acting like a PM, but he NEVER think like a PM.  Even given him the position, he failed to sustain it.

And we are waiting for the next actress to helm the country.


Now you know why vision 2020 will never materialise.


One Response to “The mind game”

  1. Jefus


    4 out of 10 top richest men in the world are from,…’d never guess,……..INDIA.

    Top Ten richest men

    While it would be convenient to place blame on to the leaders that be for ‘all that is not well and good’, take note that the top ten world richest people do come from adverse environments. One is from Russia, and another from Mexico. My point is, the challenges these people faced in their own countries are equally daunting.

    At home, even with the NEP, many have succeeded. OK many do not make it into the 10 ten bracket anywhere but, many are waaay above average.

    The NEP is a crutch for one race. Until the people realize that it in no way hinders a capable man / woman, but becomes a ball and chain onto the pysche of the race itself, there will be no progress.

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