Water issue : Will Pakatan Rakyat sue federal and Dr tempeh?

Call it strategy to buy time or create havoc to the “slump economy”,  it is a viable choice all Pakatan Rakyat state government to consider.

After 50 years of independent, under Mahathirism for 22 years, Bolehland become a country of “Federal government colony”.

Perhaps people in Sabah and Sarawak know better on this “Federal government colony” than West Malaysia people.

Alas, after 08 March 2008 GE,  more and more issue reveal that the federal government are TOO BLOATED. The <strong>federal government is a a 800 tons FAT and OBSESSIVE bureaucratic body</strong> that are trouble itself, than solution itself.

The water issue apparently an  “hijacked” rights that the previous BN state government surrender to the federal government that make the fat body become much overloaded.
In fact, it is a puzzling that state government surrender the water rights to federal in a concession that exceed 5 years. Bare in mind that in the democratic system, where any ruling parties only hold the rights to manager any state government for 5 year, it is questionable they can enter any agreement that live BEYOND their effectiveness.

The previous state government may rush through the agreement, but without careful scrutinize,  you never know whether the contract are valid or not.  Agreement are NEVER definite,  to the eye of people in real business.  It can be always rewrite or cancel depends on conditions.

Even under the effect of agreement, state government still exercise much greater rights than the company that hold the previous government concession.  Remember, state government still hold the ultimate properties and administration rights to ANY company that operate in the state. And under United Nation law that water is a right, the federal government are inviting problem if they allow the water supply company that the issue as ransom.

Don’t hold your breath when the Mr tempeh talk rubbish on those water issue stuff.


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