Most fast money return scheme are Ponzi

Posted On 15/12/2008

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Perhaps the Internet will ready the school leaver better than the school.

Take Ponzi scheme as example, there is no school will tell you about the scam and simple concept behind it.  Ponzi Scheme are not a new concept. However, it is that make it so succcessful, that Multi-level-market scam imitate the method.

Ponzi scheme come with many disguise,  but they will never failed to mention the word such as “guarantee returns”, recruitment referrer, etc.

Indeed, there is no “immediate return” free lunch in this world. Even you can think of  a “killer-application” business, it will take sometimes to develop the sales and support network.

Don’t surprise if you hear Malaysian are being burn by the Madoff fraud, although they did not directly put their money into their scheme.   If you remember what happens to the subprime loan crisis, you will understand Madoff fraud is just another bomb to the global financial crisis.


One Response to “Most fast money return scheme are Ponzi”

  1. Jefus

    ever heard of Pak Man Telo? Or Osman Hamzah? Its been done before.

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