Vacation in land of smiles (1)

Posted On 28/12/2008

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One can of Chang beer(6.4% vol)  cost 20 bahts (~ RM2.10)  at Sukhotai city supermarket. A can of cool Chang beer cost 23 bahts in 7-Eleven in Chiang Rai, while on the rack,  cost 21bahts(~RM2.30) .

Compare to Malaysia beer, it is cheaper and smoother.  For god sake reason, Malaysia beer brewer fuck up on the gas and hops contents : the beer bubble are so coarse like scratching your throat, while the bitterness from the hop doesn’t improve the taste much, and it cost a minimum RM 6.50 in Malaysia 7-Eleven.

Now you know why Thai people are so content compare to Malaysia. That also explain why Malaysian that “used” to consume in Thailand, don’t bother to take vacation to place like Langkawi.

p/s: oh yes, although pork are everywhere, but halal food are not uncommon.


3 Responses to “Vacation in land of smiles (1)”

  1. Jefus

    and yes, entrance fee to Soi Cowboy is only Bht 220 / 😛

  2. Jefus

    I thought Singha was smoother. ( oookay, I know different tastes. ) But like they say after three beers, they all taste the same,…

    Moo-T its in the Yeast not the hops that leaves the taste on your tongue. The bubbles is called the head.

    Anyways, Bangkok has plenty of fine wine shops, and cheaper than Msia too.

    Happy New Year and Cheers! 😛

  3. Jefus

    sorry the link for the head is here

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