Land of Smiles (5) : Highway!?

Posted On 08/01/2009

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3 Lanes “highway” to the  historical city of Sukhotai.

Oh, no parking ticket require in many northen city.  Is it because they are rich or Malaysia municipal councils are greedy?

Nevertheless, red taxi (modified pick up wagon) are abundance.

3 lanes road are common in town. And no toll.


Nevertheless, driving too fast on the hilly, cold slippery road will make you some life lesson for other driver. But hey, Thai are not interested to get 4D number compare to Malaysian 😉


By the way, when modify car, Malaysian goes for the lower body kit, while Thais wants to raise their car body.


One Response to “Land of Smiles (5) : Highway!?”

  1. Jefus

    Exactly, no tolls and most of the main roads are in excellent condition.

    moo_t : That is something astonish me. The road quality surprisingly above the par. And Northen Thailand hill side road quality are many times surpass the road in Sabah and Sarawak.

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