Transportation : Thais secret to sustainable inner tourism

Posted On 10/01/2009

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It is eye opening to any Malaysian that never been into any Thailand “shopping street” . Compare to Bolehland,  the are 15-20 times  more crowd and the stalls extend 5-8 times longer than ANY “pasar malam” in Malaysia.  Just imagine a bazaar street that extend 5-8 times longer than the infamous Petaling Street walkway.

This never happens in Malaysia because Bolehland logistic make it impossible.

1. In Malaysia, thanks to Mahathirism car promotion policies, there isn’t sufficient public transport to unload/depatch crowd went into the bazaar.  It will paralyze the street with the same number of crowd, thanks to the decifient bus, taxi services.

2. You can find solid toilet ready to “support” the night bazaar. There isn’t any in Malaysia fix night bazaar, it is a quest to find standalone toilet in Petaling street.

3.  Traffics will be terrible.  The infamous Petaling Street traffic scene will seems impossible in the eye of Thailand people. Because there is tourist police as well as traffic police to regulate the traffics in every night bazaar.

Waiting Taxi that block the street is COMMON scene(or perhaps sin?) in any Malaysia hot tourist shopping spot. In Thailand, not red taxi, tuk-tuk,  buses, car are allowed to obstruct the traffics.

4. Perhaps cleaniness is something foreign to Malaysian. Even before Petaling Street are close in midnight, you see tons of rubbish litters on the floor.  And it took one dump truck to handle the mess and rubbish create by both the tourist and stall owner.

In Thailand, night bazaar stall owner are not used to littering compare to Malaysia stalls.
5. Unlike in Malaysia, food price in Thailand night bazaar are normal. If you find the food and drinks are rediculous, you know the 7-Eleven around the corner   (there is around 4000 7-eleven in Thailand and will be 5000 in 2011) that sell a bun for 10 bahts(RM1.10) and a coke for 14bahts (RM1.50).

6. Weather and humidity
Malaysia are hot and humid. When night fall, humid is our biggest problem. However, you never failed to see water splash around any night market.   In addition, despite the humidity, you keep seeing restaurant and shop use the water mist blowing fans that make the surrounding even more humid.

It is yet another mystical issue in Malaysia :  instead of removing the humid , we create more humid to counter the heat.

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One Response to “Transportation : Thais secret to sustainable inner tourism”

  1. 小莊

    大马那些猪头还老把大马说的多好多繁荣, 邻国多落后人家多可怜,民不聊生的. 偏偏就有很多人相信, 哈!

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