The first CNY movies I watch this year

Posted On 26/01/2009

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Ah Long PTE LTD《老师嫁老大》 are funny.
I can’t believe I stick my eye on the screen at NTV7 . This made in Singapore show (the obvious Singapore slang mandarin) are pretty funny.

The movie are cast in Mandarin, but it is hilarious even for Malaysian, well, if you follow some “Bolehland politics” in the pass. There is two scene about the Taiko and his fat lady “admirer”, well, if you remember TM and fat lady. I am quite amused that NTV7 are allowed to air this show since the cast occasionally putting Petaling Street as centric of the scene.

Nevertheless, as a Malaysian, I enjoy the pun towards those “Petaling Street Ah Long”. The scripts avoid mentioned the credit card debts. In fact, the credit card “syndicate” that helps by central banks, are no better than “Ah Long”. Sometime I pity the Ah Long, the bank has a licensed 18% annum interest charge on the credit card. Now with help of Bolehland central bank that impose ridiculous payment term, the bank are no different than Ah Long credit term.

On the other hand , the bank are also compete with Ah Long with low interest 9%-10% per annum personnel loan.

Now here is my conclusion of the show
1. Fann Wong are pretty. More accurately, a pretty girl with her own unique attribute.
2. Fann Wong is a good actor, she does uplift the spirit of the cheapo scripts.
3. When opportunities come, she should choose to cast with better team of actors.
4. Fann Wong has no boob. So boob watcher, stick to Jessica Alba.

今年我看的第一部电影, 居然是NTV7 播的2008旧片, 芳文芳演的《老师嫁老大》。

1. 范文芳是美女。 很耐看的气质美女。
2. 范文芳的入戏,为《老师嫁老大》的闹剧加了很多分。
3. 范文芳可以发挥的空间很大,,照传统好莱坞,到好莱坞发展,只能是花瓶。应该去找华人导演抢角色, 或者跑去中国抢。;)


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