In Bolehlnad, your maid can lock up house door, deny your entry

Truly Malaysia – Boleh, boleh, boleh.

According to the latest Malaysiakini news, Barison nasional (AKA umno) instruct Perak state assembly secretary to “lock up” the builiding.

Guess the best part? If you read the Malay version story, nobody dare to sign up the notice of the closure of the building. Abdullah Antong Sabri, the “servant” now try to play host, alas, minus the guts to sign up a simple notice.

In order to prevent PR state ADUN “force” entry, BN has setup tons of road block to prevent them going near the building.

This is pretty “intersting”. Imagine your maid lock up your door and deny your access, and with the help of police force to prevent you going near the house… Wow. Even better, you haven’t “sold” your house to the new owner, and the maid already “sold” to the new master. The maid make own interpretation and denied the real host to enter the house.

Bwahahahah. So beware, if your maid (not your wife or lover lar) lock up the door, put up some notice and prevent you return to YOUR home, don’t be surprise. If just happens in Perak, Bolehland.

Selangor State Legislative Assembly Speaker, Teng Chang Khim pointed out Secretary of the house “He is no body as far as the Constitution is concerned”.

I cannot imagine if the next GE, BN lost the majority, and the pro-BN Parliament guard go lock up the parliament door. ROFL.

First, the colonized go consult their ex-colonial master. Now the act as feudal warlord.. What next?

Seems the mastermind digging a bigger hole when standing on it.

KLSE just thumbles 14.11 today (02 March 2009). It is a results after some “support” when a free falls of 21 points in the after. Now the index close at 876.56. The heavy selling of bluechips signal something. Perak BN MB Zambry just threaten with words of “threat of national security”, that are not going to help the economy.

More will come next.

According to the procedure, the meeting will deems legal. When the agenda to dissolve Perak state assembly pass by the ADUN, can Malaysia election commission denied and deem it illegal. On the other hand, court has NO RIGHTS to interfere.

If the EC denied the relection, will Perak people exercise Makkal-sakti, go to the street and DEMAND a re-election?


2 Responses to “In Bolehlnad, your maid can lock up house door, deny your entry”

  1. Jefus

    i read elsewhere that UMNO QC has arrived. what will happen if the QC advises contrary to their position? will they lash out foreign interference? in local politics? in local adat? i wait in anticipation.

    are there no able constitutional lawyers in the local pool? that UMNO has to seek advise from their previous masters?

    macam ini pun boleh kah?

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