Billions waste on teaching science and mathematics in English are not execuses to continue

Let’s talk about a joke.

Farmer Jim just lost all his livestock in a outbreak. He is worry about bankruptcy. Jim wife even mentioned to friend that Jim already bought a rope to hang himself inside the house when the Bank auction their house.

A mega shopping mall developer decide to build a mall in the town, and bought few acres of Jim land. Jim paid off his debt and make a small fortune.

After one month, Jim hang himself. At Jim funeral, Jim friend console the wife and wonder why. The wife say, “You all know about a time that he bought a rope.”. “Yupe, but isn’t he make a fortune on the land”.
“Well,we did make a fortune. But Jim everything looking at the rope, and feel uneasy because the ROPE are WASTED”.

You don’t need a expert to tell you that, to learn a language, you get a good tutor on that language, spend enough time on it. It will not help if you stupdendously try to “speed up” the learning via a “translated” subject. In Bolehland case : teaching science and math in English.

Some people argues that billions ringgits has been spend on the subject, if spending more, it will be fruitful.

This is the most ridiculous arguement I ever heart. The teaching math and science in English is not a thesis, but proven failure. Like building a sand castle on the beach, it doesn’t last.

If you remember Jim, the farmer that hang himself?


One Response to “Billions waste on teaching science and mathematics in English are not execuses to continue”

  1. Mohamed Idris

    I agree with you. Actually, most of the money was spent on computer equipment, which can be used for any other purpose after the policy is scrapped.

    Besides, teaching science and maths in English can have grave effects on Malaysia. Read my latest blog entry to find out more.


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