Broken English science & math teaching vs Universal education

I am bored and play some note listening game. Using a flash music note matching game .

Surprisingly, I manage to maintain constant score with consecutive play of the notes matching.

Compare to normal card matching games, on repetitive play, my visual memory deceive us compare to the hearing memory.

Just take 8 pair of cards. Shuffles around. Match the card and record the total of success match. Play it 8 times in a roles and record the total time need. Trying to “buffer up” the location of card is not as simple unless you are trained on card counting. In pair, you need to memorise at least 12 cards for normal play.

Alas, when doing “card counting”, speak of card “name” in your mind (e.g. 5341KJ421J53 ), it no longer act as visual memory. On the other hand, if anyone just memorise the “image” of the card, then you will notice memory confusion of the location of the card.

Hmmmm , I think this is something to do with education and language teaching.

If a teacher is “half baked” on particular language (e.g. English), and conduct the course in math and science, you can imagine the confusion that pass down to the student brain. Imagine the English teacher conduct a perfect English course, while your half baked science and mathematic teacher(s) spell something you hardly understand : bad spelling pronouciation and broken English is enough to make hell over the children. We are talking about student in Primary school, where some of the parent are no well verse in English language.

I am quite amuse about arguement of “once upon a time, the English teaching is quite successful”. Bare in mind that , “once upon a time” , the training center are conduct by the colonist British, and mean for COLONISATION purpose. The teacher must pronouse correct in order to train the colonized people speak a language understood by the English. In addition, from a huge number of students in the colonial land, they can selectively choose candidates that “success”.

And what happens to those fail to pass with flying color or even fall out?

Well, that is the different between COLONISATION thinking vs universal education.


3 Responses to “Broken English science & math teaching vs Universal education”

  1. hyperX

    It’s easier to teach if we only speak in one language, just like other countries. That way we don’t have to suffer the problem you mentioned.

    moo_t : One language will sovle the problem? Some silver bullets? Perhaps single language will lead to solution world peace, poverty eradication, and disease eradication.

    Come on.

  2. Jefus

    When it comes to a technical language, its got to be English. It transcends boundaries – business even.

    When I get technical, only one language – English. I can never express in BM because the language is not rich enough to describe ideas etc.

    All this brouhaha is politics. If you don’t want to come out of the coconut shell, then stay in it – and don’t blame anyone else for your short comings.

    moo_t : Well, bare in mind that English “domination” are also “political” itself. I don’t against the idea of EXTENDING period of English teaching, but a force none-scientific colonisation-utilitarian method of education. Or should I call it “Singaporisation syndrome”?
    The colonist implement a system to train colonized people to serve THEIR system. So the drop out IS NOT IMPORTANT to them. What they need is just some “elite” selection from the system.

    While at home? Well, if you just watch British and European education system, you will get a CULTURAL SHOCK. It is a HUGE different the method of conduct education. British itself, practice the universal education. There is system implace to make sure most of the children are well taken care.

    The whole topics cannot be simplify as to or not to. It has NOTHING to do with English teaching. The whole Science and Math teaching in English issue are NOT The issue, but the substances of the system. Malaysia are still using the method of a COLONIST after 50 years.

    Adapting the method of universal education, the school must extend extra hours to make sure no children are fall out from the English class. It involve months of planning, time and resources, in pure facts and science. However, ministry of education ARE NOT READY to plan in such way, they NEVER think of providing universal education, not they want to spend the time to plan and calculate all the expenses.
    I hope people start thinking about the root of the issue before jumping their gun.

  3. Jefus

    the idea of education changes with time, at one time, it was to stuff as much information into the head as was possible or what interests the owner of the head. then it was so as to enable the owner of the head to be gainfully employed.

    i think it is past the stupid mentality of colonial language, the french have learnt that in business. english is lingua franca.

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