Science and mathematic teaching in English : How to spin failure and make it looks good.

Desi are my best resources of noticing some jokes from the Bolehland government.
Reading the latest CSM: Hear’s a plug for English:) , I am amused. In this world, it can be either a half empty glass or half full glass. But in Bolehland, you must watch out for spin doctor : imagine a man fell from 100 floor, he can tell you,”I am good” when passing the 50th floor.

Help for weak in English
By Felicia Wong, The Straits Times

“Dr Ng said about 45 per cent of children in the programme are able to pass their schools’ English language examinations and read at a level that commensurate with their age by the end of Primary 1. Another 20 per cent are able to do by the end of Primary 2”

What a spin. 55% failed on 1st year. And what the f*cked is called “another” 20%. It can be either 20% from the 55% that failed, translated to 11%.

Or on the brighter side, 55%-20%, only 35% become “loser”. Oh wait, that is more than one third 33.33%.

Oh wait, the school doesn’t open for 1 year, next year, another batch of student come in. So WTF happens to this 33.33% mixed with the new batch of 55% fall out?

Bolehland really know how to spin with a WTF on top of it.

So it is Status normal, All fucked up.


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