Tax month again : tips and tricks

For employee

  1. Activate your e-hasil account.
  2. Always keep you receipt of whatever and claims accordingly.
  3. If you have some sort of investment,learn to register as sole-proprietor, that entitle you more tax deduction.
  4. declare tax, even you earn less than RM2450.

Sole Proprietor / Enterprise

  1. Learn simple book keeping.
  2. File all the expenses receipt accordingly.
  3. If you earn good money, spend more money for a tax agent.

Why? For patriotism? No.
Unless one with a accountant husband/wife that know inside out of tax, like 5xmom, most of you overpay the tax for not doing so.

Lots of employee and self-employ people overpay tax and they didn’t know. Wakakakakkaka (well, that’s the voice from LHDN)


One Response to “Tax month again : tips and tricks”


    what else to do after having own sole prop ? anything more specific ?

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