3 Byelections : Poll of different economy class

What did the people see in 3 by election?

There is enough political analysis about the by election.

Alas, if nobody bother to look from another angle, than let me tell you what I see.

I see a HUGE gaps on knowledge economy and rurals economy.
No, I am not against the poor inform, poorer rural people. Alas, the whole election is about struggle of DIFFERENT ECONOMY CLASS.

The poorer people still rely on mainstream media for the newsfeed. On the other hand, urban class access to alternate medium, are much aware of the worlds today. One can’t say the urban class welcome the change, however, most aware that changes will come, compare to the poorer rural counterpart. It doesn’t matter who’s the urban Malaysia, they can be Malay, Chinese, Indian,Iban, Dayak,etc.

Today, Malaysia are still rely on heavy subsidies policies. The worlds food price has jump a few shots for the pass ten years. It doesn’t help the knowledge poor farmer, rural people. Those class of people are actually survive on heavy subsidies scheme from the government to curtain the impact of world economy climates.

Subsidies to the poorer agriculture class are not going to last forever, not because the government stop it, but because the rampage of corruption ; knowledge poor farmer will continue be skill poor, technical poor and lost out in global competition. Yes, rural people know little how globalisation affect their life, they never understand the reason of Korean , French farmer protest the globalisation, once this happens to them, it is already too late.

This already happens. For example, whether Chinese, Malay or Indian farmer, Kampung Sekinchang rice production always way ahead of all farmer around the country. This is not miracle, it is all about knowledge. In Japan, Taiwan, Thailand , etc, agriculture worker with better knowledge always yield higher production compare to poorly uninformed counterpart.

If BN continue the trends of playing racial politics and ignore the class and transition of knowledge economy, they will be annihilated by the knowledge society. BN may blast Malaysia economy back to agriculture and industrialisation centric to “create” voters to support them, but that will mean total destruction of the country economy.

On the other hand, if PR unaware the transition of knowledge economy and jump on the bandwagon, I will feel sorry for them. The 3rd Coalition won’t appear now, but nobody can predict how fast things change under the knowledge economy fast tracks.

So divide of the country are so obvious
Poor subsidies rural glocal ill-informed people + middle class ruling parties link people + crony businessman votes BN

Urban knowledgeable people + typical middle class + non-political link businessman votes PR.


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