Baby Boom Generation crisis will start soon

Posted On 20/04/2009

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While most country leader go pouring more and more money rescuing their bankers, few notice the Baby Boom generation retirement due on year 2010.

For baby boom generation, there is little reason they maintain the expensive lifestyle in the city. Due to inflation, crime rates, living standard, retire to a small suburban or town is a viable choice.

What make things worst : the recent financial crisis depleted billions of baby boom generation retirement funds. And because of the every bloated government structure, baby boom generation US government servant also join the rank of retirement, now, they draw the funds from the country coffer.

Are Obama going to bail the baby boom generation ?
Good luck to those bet on year 2010 recovery.

p/s: I will bet on company continue to innovate.


One Response to “Baby Boom Generation crisis will start soon”

  1. Superman

    Let’s see how the world leader – Mr. Obama solves the problem 🙂

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