Ditch By-election!!? So Bolehland can become CowBoyTown(TM)?

Less than 30 days, Bolehland No.1 already pouring more rubbish than his predecessor. Not to forget Bolehland main stream media (AKA rotten-4th-estate) help spread the brainless propaganda.

No sure what happens to Bolehland “premium” food. Seems those food are so corrupted that, it devolve Bee-N and Arm-nor politikus brain.

How the hell they can pour out rubbish like : By-election is bad, By-election is expensive, by-election take too much resources, lets curb by-election.

So you don’t want by election? Want to fools around with the democracy process?

It seems stupid politikus including Bolehland No.1 prefer the feudalism (MINUS the monarch) for themselves. Alas, feudalism is nothing more than cowboy rules. When the region is destabilise by the cowboy rule, super power in the region WILL NOT hesitate to take action, since it is an EXCELLENT chance to divert attention of financial crisis and focus on a cowboy country.

So what currency the new country prefer? Euro ? US dollar? Or Renminbi?


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