STUPID! We all love by-election

After Machap, Bolehland people LOVE by election.

There is goodies to give around to the voters, empties promises, abuse of government machinery, abuse of funds to various “interested parties”, distribution of election contract ,etc.

After so many “goodies” given out, Bolehland voters LOVE by-election, every voter anticipate the by-election as silver bullet to solve problem that BN appointed “civil servant” fail to attend.

Yes, everyone love by election

. In fact, in Bolehland, opposition parties are suppose the one who cry foul on “expensive” by-election because BN hand out promises using the country resources. Because opposition are always poorer compare to Bee-N.

Alas, the tides is change.

I can’t stop laughing when I saw Bolehland No.1 play out the change the propaganda tones and declare by-election too be “too expensive”.

In fact, it is true, it follow the trends of Bee-N spend on each election, within 5 election, Bee-N will used no less than half of a billions(that is RM500,000,000) just to filled up their “helpers” and cronies stomach.

And the economy scales is doing the opposite to Bee-N. If the By-election trend continue, Bolehland No.1 must announce special plan to bail out Bee-N economy.


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