What happened before will happened again

In the human history of system of ogliarchy, the results is pretty obvious : when power corruption happens, nobody can stop a downfall of any empire, bloodshed revolution and war are inevitable.

The Anglo-saxon democracy took 200 years, a fragile system that take time to prove itself and fragile to maintain. If the ogliarchy system will lead to TOTAL destruction of existing government faction, perhaps a majority system will help

When the Hitler Nazi force take over the German 1933, using the majority votes , it sparks the World War II that lead to death of more than 10 millions of people. To avoid a future majority-dictatorship, Individualism and critical though are part of German education.

Not many post-colonial country understand the danger of ogliarchy and majority-violent. 60 years after World War 2, few post-colonisation are willing to liberate their people from the colonisation administration, nor the government realise the destruction path of ogliarchy.

The separation of power in democracy system are mean to avoid a blind majority overrule, with the hope that few with consciousness within the system to “correct” abuse of power. Alas, when the 4th estate submit to the power corruption, the democracy state is deem dysfunction.

A dysfunction state with failure on separation of power, in matter of time, will lead to instability. The tier of power corruption and changes can lead to many violent scenario.

It is never a science fiction, but history.

When the government abuse the police power to overrun the people, the power given to the police, will eventually lead the police think themselves as master of the country. When the government-police benefit chain broke off, the feel “betrayed” police can easily overrun the government, throw government minister to jail, perhaps force some to “coorperate”.

When the police do this but fail to achieve agreement with the military, it will jeopadise the military “benefit-chain”. Thus, the military can “break free” and coup like the Thailand military coup.

In China history, this happen in almost any government before collapsing. Few of the people that lead to the collapsing of the system are able to escape revolution that follow.

Separation of power is mean to diffuse possible revolution. But some people never learn.


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