Bolehland father of modernization and Scandalous

All under this “bapak modernisation”, with BILLIONS dollar scandalous losses on all his “modernisation” project.

  • hundreds millions losses on pound sterling speculation
  • Burned hundreds millions when tin market collapse
  • 1994 – US$6.2 billions(~RM17-RM20bils in 1994) losses on forex
  • RM2 billions burned by BMF
  • Privatised flight company need RM800+ millions bailout. Near RM 2 billions burned on the privatisation-bailout process.
  • Privatised mass transit company loses billions and hundred million bailout. Price tag close to RM 2 billions for 4 transit company
  • MATRADE initial cost of RM170 mils, end up cost RM400 millions
  • Billions dollar “goodies” election “culture” start during his tenant.
  • and tons of other “interesting” millionaire project

And the latest PKFZ, is not surprise to Bolehland people. Estimate price tag of RM1.9 billions balloon to 4.9 billions. And the bleeds continue.

Welcome to Bolehland.


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