Terminator – Salvaging

One short summary : Pure entertainment.

I call it salvaging because the movies seems salvage all the remaining value from the Terminator franchise, perhaps with hope to gain another height to prolong it.

If the name of Terminator 4 (AKA T.4) being pull out, in the middle of the movie, you will though you are watching Transformer 4. What a coincident! There is too much unnecessary action scene in the movie and very poor scripts or perhaps I should call it LAZY.

And all those “uh-huh” computer graphics, well, if I want to see sophisticated robot, I can always watch transformer. At least I don’t need to think how the hell Skynet know how to run mining and manufacturing facilities to build the killing machine.

Nevertheless, the movie are great entertainment. Just don’t bring your brain when walk into the cinema, you will enjoy.

It seems lower budget mini TV series are better than all this high budget CGI Hollywood movies.


One Response to “Terminator – Salvaging”

  1. Jefus

    Thanks for the review – I wuz going to think of ways and means to bring my other half for that movie. Now I know, no need.

    What about Star Trek? Seen that latest? Any good? 😛

    BTW Skynet probably Googled and got into Wikipedia and found out how to run da mine. U r right, I wuz wondering just the other day. when did good story telling / acting / filming give way /die and when did CGI take over? ( Alot like the machines taking over the world :P)

    moo_t: I afraid it is us, the human greed that lost the soul. Because we give soul to the machine.

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