PKFZ hurts Perak Bee-N 9b

It seems Lulu are not happy with Zamzam @ silver state taking all flying color and good works on himself.

IMHO, Lulu worry too much. RM 9 billions is not a small amount.

There is reason why Malaysia insider warn Zambry puts RM9 billion Vale deal at risk .

Without a firm guarantee of Zamzam that Bee-N head agree not to take a cut and create “procedural delay” to demand “lubricant fees”, the investor will lost nothing if they put the talk into a hold.

Yes, I want to say, the investor trust Nizar Perak government more than Zamzam and the Bee-N government that back him. PKFZ track record are so bad that, even Bee-N-ajib can’t give solid confidence to investor that hanky-panky “procedural delay” doesn’t happen.


One Response to “PKFZ hurts Perak Bee-N 9b”

  1. Jefus

    Go and look up Aisehman he let the cat out of the bag waaaaay too soon. Now the heat is on him. If the plan is scuttled, this issue can be opposition fodder for a looong time.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

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