China timetable

“Thank goodness China still a communist country, rampant with various problem. Country like Malaysia will be doomed if China become 1st world country”.

This is a simpleton conclusion I made after watched China Phoenix Channel program “Tiger Talk”(website language : Simple Chinese) , host by Hu Yi Hoo (胡一虎 nickname Tiger).

The weekly program throw a debate topic and invite group of interest party to debate about it. Instead of blind support vs opposing debate, the debates always open one mind by exchanging fact. The recent debate of China education frenzy of Olympic math, has pin point the problem to the root of the problem, rather than the debate topic itself. People in Malaysia might call it “distraction” or “shifting focus”, but the critical thought bring out by the participant is a SHOCK to me.
The outcome of debate/discussion are miles ahead of Malaysia standard.

Today, China still rampant with massive bureaucracy and power corruption. If China successfully transit to government similar to European Union, China soft power and competitiveness can easily consume last bit of FDI from uncompetitive country.

While Malaysia still wasting its time on obsoleted education system and distract the people with English teaching, the mass media has FAILED to notify the uninformed people about changes. I still see Malaysia political media like Utusan Malaysia continue the “bellybutton watch” show.

English alone will not increase Malaysia competitiveness. We need way to open the people views, English should be Malaysian yet another windows to look at the world. However, English view angle are narrow to English culture, we must not fooled ourselves about “English view”, and think ourselves as the English society when Malaysia inherit little of English philosophy, literature, history etc.

If Malaysian government and people like Mahahatir only interest in making English as tools, I doubt the effectiveness of English teaching on helping Malaysia in the game of globalisation. If Malaysia English media failed to give viewpoint such as US health policies, global warming, trade wars,etc, and discuss how the experience will help Malaysia, then value of English are no different than the national language.

Don’t forget, Philippines are one of those English populated speaking country that has also failed.

The clock is ticking for country around China. China yet to set its timetable on subsequent transformation. When you see it, it will be too late to unprepared countries.


2 Responses to “China timetable”

  1. Jefus

    trade, makes the world go around. the chinese have made their mark in several countries in africa, middle east and even as faraway as south america. their medium of transaction still remained english, for obvious reasons. and perhaps to tone down any hints of domination.

    due to its sheer numbers in population economy, trade , china do not need to be a first world economy. ( not in the near future ). the size poses a threat. and recently, china had indicated that they are upgrading their navy ( their submarines are a par in stealth technology with the US ), planning bold space excursions, and its willingness to accept international standards in trade in science etc.

    there is history to contend with. the japanese koreans, vietnamese are distrustful of the chinese. so, they need to play down or even display a friendlier face for their neighbours near and far.

    all these show that they are moving forward in these areas.

    the quality of english spoken by the younger chinese university graduates are better. i am told they now have English as their study subject.

    as for local politics, due to the local political base, and mostly due to their own shortsightedness, studying Chinese as a second language is unacceptable and will raise more debates on loyalties etc etc. as u said, it will be our immediate and also future disadvantage for not using Chinese as a language for trade as obviously the major trading partner will be china. as explained above, English remains the lingua franca in international trade further afield in africa, south america for the chinese. i did come across Chinese graduates s who studied french, spanish and portugese, only a small number.

    and while we are talking about china, there is one chinese tv channel ( i forget which channel it is ) that has this running commentary on weapons held by taiwan, US and other nations and comparing it with their own. some neighboring countries should diplomatically tell the chinese to play it down. although some say its for internal consumption.

  2. Jefus

    to put more flesh to the discussion about china, go to

    the reality is either u trade and generate your economy or perish, for our population standing at 27 million, we need an export based strategy. Unless someone can come up with an idea to spur domestic consumerism to match our produce.

    btw pls delete the ooops comment above- sorry.

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