Look, Singaporisation supporter criticised Harry Lee

As Bolehland Primier for 22 years, Chedet never fail on showing the people the real meaning hypocrite.

Recently, Chedet pretty unhappy about Bolehland Sultan-nate level treatment on Lee Kwan Yew, and call it as THE MODERN MIDDLE KINGDOM incidents.

Oh dear. He is hurts. Because the tiny-weeny ex Lionland premier get more attention than him. Alas, one should not forget that Chedet himself are Harry Lee Singaporisation supporter.

If one look closely on the land call Malaysia, you will notice the whole administration are a micros Harry Lee Singaporisation administration.

Just look at this

  • Suppression of media. Controlled the media license, create propaganda machinery for ruling party
  • Paralyze state government authority on transportation, water, utilities,etc
  • Paralyze local councils and replace the administration officer with Federal appointed officer.
  • Establish GLC that controlled “privatised” public company. Confuse? Just look at Telekom, MAS. Bolehland are imitate Singtel, SIA
  • Running GLC with ZERO cooperate responsibilities law. Just look at TNB heavy lost investment around the world. Petronas involvement in Sudan civil war, burning of peat soil for palm oil plantation.
  • Apply Singapore tiny landscape development with little concern of Malaysia much bigger landscape sustainable requirement. Chedet love to create own legacy and not hesitate to bulldoze anything on his way.
  • Follow Temasek investment footstep on acquisition of foreign asset without first inspect the local factor and culture. If one remember how Chedet get Proton to buy MV Augstra and Lotus. And Temasek acquisition on Shin stake trigger Thailand current political instability.
  • Blindly apply tiny Singapore mono-language colonisation-nationalist education with no idea of the substances. In the past, Chedet want to play nationalist, and suppress vernacular language education. Today, he swing to support English education, with no regret on suppress vernacular education. Even vernacular education are actually expand the country competiveness, Chedet still prefer things that make Singapore.

In fact, Chedet imitate every move of Harry Lee, except he put additional ingredient. Chedet are indeed Harry Lee number 1 fan.


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